Established in Dubai by the talented designer, Leenah Almansoury, La'Leenah is a contemporary luxury, modestwear label dedicated to bringing together expert design and unparalleled quality into ready-to-wear garments. With a modern-day approach to traditional cultural silhouettes, since its inception the award-winning label has been challenging design paradigms to create ethical yet trendy kaftans and dresses.

Luxurious in its design inception, the La'Leenah piece combines couture techniques with intricate detailing for pieces that resonate elegance, femininity and classiness. Amalgamating tradition with a more contemporary approach to their fabric, cuts and beadwork, the brand has been winning accolades across the region. This beadwork in particular, demonstrates an immaculate attention to fine craftsmanship and design.

Bringing together couture, tradition and design. La'Leenah is a brand to watch out for in the coming seasons.