Adeel & Xayn (Ramdan 2018)

Mūghran 3al-llah


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•3al-llah• is an expression in Sudanese that means: “to Allah”, or “to God” as in it is ultimately all up to Allah. This expression was used to name a Sudanese traditional ensemble worn strictly by men and made in a %100 natural Sudanese cotton material.

The intricate bead work, which was done by hand is intended to symbolise where the Blue and White niles meet in the capital city of Khartoum; Al-Mūgran, which literally means the joining point. There is so much beauty to perceive especially as one could see an actual line in the middle of whitish and bluish water. Subhan Allah!

Boutique de Nana X LaLeenah present to you the first ever female version of “3a-llah.”

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