Adeel & Xayn (Ramdan 2018)

This Ramadan collection was a collaboration between the Dubai -based designer Leenah Almansoury and London-based award winning designer Yousra Elsadig. It was inspired by the beauty and diversity of their home country Sudan. The collection was conceived during their visit to Sudan in Christmas last year. They expressed their desire to showcase the hidden beauty of their culture to the rest of the world. However, they did it with a twist- they used fabrics and styles that are usually worn by men to make feminine pieces and ones that are notorious for their femininity to create masculine pieces like the two piece suit. Their journey entailed visiting local markets and connecting with the fabric merchants who had loads of stories to tell about the origin of those fabrics.
Toub Al-Surati is a silk infused piece that is cream with red striped edges, which is about 4 meters long. It is used to wrap around the groom during the traditional ceremony. The designers used it to make an edgy feminine bisht that can be worn over anything and for any occasion by a trendy fashionista.

Al-Garmasees: is a silk-blend bridal veil piece that is used to cover up the bride whilst she’s makes an entrance to the ceremony. It’s the epitome of femininity for a Sudanese lady but the designers made it into a masculine tailored suit.

Damouriya: is a pure Sudanese cotton fabric that is used in mens’ attire such as a two pieces suits called “Ala-Allah”. The designers made a female version of that, which was hand-embellished with impeccable craftsmanship and beading work. The plain damouriya fabric was also used in the beautiful cape with a detachable hoodie with beading work on the hoodie and shoulders. The collection was also injected with colours that symbolise a lot for the Sudanese nation, such as the deep reds that are traditional and blues that symbolise the Nile River, which the vein of Sudan that runs across the country.
The golden crescent: is used to embellish a grooms forehead on a red silky panel, but the designers used it to embellish their feminine pieces.

The photoshoot was done in the heart of London to again create a contrast between the traditions in Sudan and modernisation of the fashion capital city of the world.

Ultimately, the aim of this Ramadan collection is to break stereotypes and unleash the hidden beauty of middle eastern culture with that of the western world in a beautiful marriage.

Boutique de Nana and LaLeenah present to a marriage of the cultures via the art of fashion with this impeccable collection.